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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
  episodic cycling
Lots of things change when you live with a baby and a pregnant wife. Way down on the list, but appropriate for this blog, is cycling time. In essence, there isn't much time for it. I manage the commute easily enough. The weeknight rides are kinda out for the time being, though - I come home from work and take over childcare from Ana to give her a break. By the time the boy goes down for the night, it's 7:00.

One of my duties is taking him out for a leisurely journey in the stroller. It's okay, and I think most days he likes it well enough, but I think we both might like it better if I acquired a cycle trailer and pulled him along in that throughout the neighborhood. He doesn't like it that he can't see me while he's traveling around, and while my back and legs and a drivetrain might be boring, it still might be reassuring. For my part, an hour or so riding at low to moderate speed in the area neighborhoods beats walking.

I do get to ride on Saturdays, so long as I wait till 10:00. This gives me a chance to keep Eli from when he wakes up sometime until he goes down for his morning nap. Ainsley rode fixed with me the week before last, as we did the traditional loop, including Star Fort and the high school jog. He had his daughter last Saturday, so I wound up riding solo aboard Belle and repeating the same route.

I need to find time to stop into the new bakery in Ninety Six sometime soon - maybe this Saturday ...
Hey, count me in. I'll try for Saturday and I may have the new fenders mounted on the Mercian.
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