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Wednesday, November 21, 2007
  The decline and fall of the Greenwood Cycling Club
I pulled the plug on the Greenwood Cycling Club's website today.

I'm still angry about it. Sure, I understand that lots of the folks that used to keep things running have married or started families - I'm in there with them. I get it that many of us no longer have the time to devote to keeping a full-blown, active club going.

But it really, really didn't help that several former members, and one in particular, basically sabotaged the efforts to get the club back on its feet and running. One of the biggest problems was that there was a subset that was recruiting new riders and having them ride with them, while implying that they were the real GCC, and not the folks who were still officers, or were leading rides that took care of newbies. They were - and are - more into riding "fast," when and where they wanted.

You learn a lot about people by who they hang out with - or ride with.

It'll be all right, ultimately. The remnants of the club will reorganize into a smaller, less-formal association. We'll probably be part of the next club that forms around here in a few years - bike clubs tend to be cyclical around here (sorry 'bout the pun).

But it's gonna suck when someone gets hit and really hurt and there is no organized voice in these parts to stand up for them.
I know what you mean, after all I've been though over the past year I felt a burden lifted from me when I said it was ok to pull the plug.
I know this is an old posting but if there's ever a chance of the club starting up again I would love some info email me at
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