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Sunday, November 05, 2006
  into November
I know, I know - too long between posts. In the interim, I've ridden a bunch of miles on various bikes the last few weeks. Some of the rides run together in my head, and my mileage stats haven't been kept up with religiously. Sorry. I'll at least have total numbers up at year's end.

For whatever it 's worth, I think I surpassed my annual mileage for 2005 by the end of October. This surprised me, because I've done a lot fewer event rides in 2006, and those usually run the numbers up.

Anyway, in the course of playing catch up, I'll just have to list a few occurrences and throw a bunch of photos up onto the site.

I've fallen down a few times in the woods. Nothing serious, but it's happened often enough that I'm probably gonna be a bit cautious for a while. Mostly it's slow speed stuff, trying to negotiate root farms and rock gardens at a near-standstill pace, but one involved hooking the side of my front tire at 12 mph. The best of the lot was while climbing a steep bit - I managed to lift the front wheel off the ground at the same moment a rock turned under my rear tire. Oops. I wound up on my back with my bike in the air laughing at the absurdity of it all.

I rode Stripe last Saturday on a club ride and realized that's really a bike for warm weather. Nothing wrong with the bike, I just couldn't get comfortable and I missed the B17 Brooks saddles everything else is equipped with. I really should consider dismantling Stripe and prepping him for repaint and repair, but since my bike budget is currently somewhere between nil and nada, there's no rush.

The Peugeot project is currently stalled, but will be resumed again at some point. Again, the bike budget is pretty much non-existent, and in all honesty this bike is currently a very low priority.

Thursday evening I rode despite forgetting to recharge my lights. Of course everything went dark about the time we turned around to go back. I stuck to Ainsley's back wheel like glue, and only his lights and the full moon kept me upright and riding back down the trail.

Ainsley and I rode fixed-gears yesterday, but we stayed on pavement. We were accompanied by Drew and Bradley on a romp around the Briarwood-Whitehall-Rock House loop. We did stop for a moment on Cowhead Creek Road, and I got a nice shot of an inviting dirt road. Next time.
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