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Sunday, July 23, 2006
  the long vacation, part 2 - Cheyenne

Our hosts slept late, so I rose early and quietly fixed myself the breakfast of post-cardiac champions (oatmeal!) and set out aboard Belle in search of the Cheyenne Greenway. I didn't find it, but I did manage to work in about 15 miles of residential streets and the roads around the airport.

Cheyenne was interesting, as were its people. Along the way I saw lots of older guys out working in their yards. Unfortunately, many of them were not wearing shirts, and I found myself remembering Ainsley's comment about the TV show COPS - "you always know the one without a shirt is going to jail."

I rolled back in to find Dameione and Ana drinking coffee on the patio. We hung out a while and discussed the plan for the day before I headed in to shower and dress in street clothes. Soon afterward, we were riding in the back of Dameione's Cherokee to Laramie via Vedauwoo Road through the Medicine Bow National Park.

Now. I had the infamous $9 pencam. Ana had her magnificent Canon digital camera. Somehow, neither of us took any photos. Maybe we were both too stunned. It's magnificent out there, and maybe someday I'll get out there and have the presence of mind to take pictures.

We wound up in downtown Laramie, where we ate at Dameione's favorite restaurant before walking around and checking out the sights before heading back in to Cheyenne. We wound up snacking more than actually eating before going downtown to see the Old Time Melodrama at a c.1887 theatre. And yes, it was hokey beyond words, but that's the fun of it, right?

Sunday I got back out aboard Belle, where I once again I had trouble finding the Greenway - until I stopped a local cyclist and got more detailed directions.

The entrance is not marked at all, really. Once I got onto the concrete ribbon, I was delighted. The grades were never overly steep, and they had thoughtfully provided some great underpasses and bridges along the way. I need to go back to Cheyenne someday and ride the whole thing, now that I know where it starts.

We hung out and stayed in, taking advantage of the newly-finished basement area to beat the heat. Well, our hosts did - we found the aridity kept us from feeling hot. We wound up eating grilled chicken and spicey pasta and relaxing on the patio again with Jake the Weimaraner before crashing for the night.
Hey, at least the old guys were wearing pants.....they were wearing pants, right?
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