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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
  some weekday club rides
Sunday was a very full day, and riding wasn't part of it. So Tuesday I set out to make up for it on the evening club ride. I'd spent a couple of hours helping clean out the garage, and it was a hot day, so I'll use those as my excuses. The group split rapidly into two groups - but the laid-back bunch peeled off into a different direction, and I fell off the back of the main group. I settled in and decided that I'd treat it as a solo ride, which it pretty much was. I took a detour through Hunter's Creek and came back to the starting point via the back route, winding up with 22.5 miles for the day.

Today's ride was better. There was a good sized batch of riders out for the Wednesday night social ride. Zach was there with a buddy of his named Chad, as were Milo and Jeff. We actually managed to stay together until the big hill on Scotch Cross Road. I hung back and rode with Connie, Donis and Vonona, and we made a respectable enough time for the rest of the ride. It was brutally hot, after all.

The usual roadside beasts were watching us from their pastures as usual, including a couple of burros on West Scotch Cross and the llamas on Mt. Moriah, but no dogs made serious attempts to catch us. Too hot.

I wound up with 27.25 miles for the day and went home to eat a massive bowl of whole wheat penne, fresh veggies and really good tuna. Not a bad day at all.
So, you coming to Clinton Saturday? I'll buy lunch.
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