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Sunday, June 25, 2006
  more miles, no pictures
Thursday I went out to ride the good old Callaham Challenge. I was running ahead of my normal schedule, and wound up arriving around 5:30. Scott Frock showed up, shorn of his Confederate cavalry commander beard, and at his suggestion we set off on a short warm-up ride. We turned back around after a couple of miles, he cut down Folly Farm Road for a natural, and I pulled back into the parking lot just in time to turn right around and go back out with Fred, Campbell, Tommy Davis and Duann Kremer.

We never really hammered, per se - but it wasn't completely an ambling pace, either. It was brutally hot, and we all sought that elusive balance point of riding briskly, but within limits. I was grateful for the Elete electrolyte stuff I'd dosed my bottles with. We were all drinking steadily, enough so that we all needed to stop to refill our bottles at Godfrey's Market when we hit Hodges. When I pulled up next to my truck at the end of the ride I had 39.8 miles for the day, a bit more than normal thanks to the prologue I rode with Scott.

Saturday's club ride was a smaller, laid back bunch. It was still hot, but not quite as savage as Thursday had been. We did a blend of the usual Saturday morning ride with the Wednesday night ride, avoiding the trail and going out Creswell to New Market to Old Ninety Six Highway. From there we rode Pembroke to Scotch Cross before going left on Tedard's Store Road, crossing 25 South, and taking Bryan Dorn Road (delightfully resurfaced with fresh asphalt) to Callison Highway. For fun we cut back down Scotch Cross and rode to the bottom of the hill and took Lebanon Church Road up the hill to go back in the way we came out, choosing this time to follow the rail trail back in. I had 29.75 miles by the time I got back home.

There were no photos - I was too busy riding, talking and drinking from my bottles. I did amuse myself by loading the batteries into the camera while riding, testing my cycling dexterity.

I came home and spent the afternoon working with Ana as we pared down the book collection, freeing up a huge amount of space in the various bookcases. It was surprisingly liberating - and now I have room if I get some new books!
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